“Minding the Sustainability Gap: From Unsustainable Core to Business-as-the-World-Needs” – An Interview with Alice Kalro

Alice Kalro is an emerging global thought leader in science-based corporate sustainability, providing practical guidance on science-aligned business transformations and urging corporations to take on a systems leadership role in order to help secure a just and liveable future for all. We caught up with her in the midst of her hectic schedule – with this interview. Thomas … Read more

“Planetary Boundaries” – Kevin Anderson interviews Johan Rockström

At a certain point, this fight for the Planet becomes personal. ASK: Who or what is stopping us from addressing the most urgent challenges we face as a human family? What’s in this interview? 00:03 Introductions 01:05 Outlining the planetary boundary & tipping points framework 05:14 How long before we see tipping points occurring? 10:00 … Read more

Climate Deniers Should Not Assume They Will Never Face Justice

BY STEVEN DAY If you’re a reasonably young person who is opposing measures to address climate change for reasons of financial or political gain, be afraid. Be very afraid. Largely out of public view, there is a growing advocacy for treating certain forms of climate change denial as a crime. The political will to do this doesn’t exist … Read more

The Regeneration of Birra Messina: From “shout down” to agreement with Heineken

The story of the Birrificio Messina cooperative is a positive example of “regeneration,” where workers rescue struggling companies through the cooperative formula. The local community has played a pivotal role in this success, supported by the Messina Community Foundation. This experience represents a ray of hope in the industry, challenging large multinational corporations. The new … Read more

“The Epic Ethical Failure” – an interview with Guido Palazzo

Guido Palazzo is a professor of business ethics at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. His research analyzes the conditions and causes of corporate scandal. With his colleague Ulrich Hoffrage, he is currently finalizing a book on ethical failures in organizations. Each scandal comes with thousands of pages of court documents, whistle blower reports, articles, … Read more

The Destruction of the Common Good: Laying the Foundation of a Zero-Trust Society

Adapted from the book REGENERATION: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World IDEA BITE PRESS (May, 2023) The USA, and increasingly the rest of the world, is becoming more and more fragmented – with COVID being blamed[1], in part, for the death of the Common Good.   If we cannot agree – as nations, as institutions, and as … Read more

What is a flash drought? An earth scientist explains

One explanation for the fires in Hawaii is the “flash drought.” We wanted to understand what that means, so we republished this article with permission. BY Antonia Hadjimichael, Penn State Many people are familiar with flash floods – torrents that develop quickly after heavy rainfall. But there’s also such a thing as a flash drought, … Read more

“The Most Important Thing YOU CAN DO to Fight Climate Change” – Katharine Hayhoe’s TED talk

One of the biggest problems is that the public, especially in the United States, doesn’t even comprehend the extent of the problem. Silence kills. In this case, it kills us all. How do you talk to someone who doesn’t believe in climate change? Not by rehashing the same data and facts we’ve been discussing for … Read more

“Beyond Growth, to Wellbeing” – An Interview with Robert Costanza

Robert Costanza is  Professor of Ecological Economics at the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) at University College London (UCL). He is also currently a Senior Fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Stockholm, Sweden, and Honorary Professor at the Australian National University, an Affiliate Fellow at the Gund Institute at the University of Vermont, and … Read more

In a Barbie world … after the movie frenzy fades, how do we avoid tonnes of Barbie dolls going to landfill?

BY Alan Pears, RMIT University It made headlines around the world when the much-hyped Barbie movie contributed to a world shortage of fluorescent pink paint. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When movies or TV shows become cultural phenomena, toymakers jump on board. And that comes with a surprisingly large amount of plastic … Read more

“The need for scientifically informed politics” – An Interview with Joachim H. Spangenberg

Joachim H. Spangenberg is Vice-President of the Sustainable Europe Research Institute(SERI) in Cologne, Germany. With a PhD in economics, but an academic background in biology and ecology, he is an inter- and trans-disciplinary researcher by education and dedication. He works on sustainable development strategies, environmental conflicts, sustainable consumption, biodiversity conservation by pressure reduction, ecosystem services … Read more

“Beyond the Worst” – An Interview with John Elkington

John Elkington, Co-Founder & Chief Pollinator at Volans, is one of the founders of the global sustainability movement, an experienced advisor to business, and a highly regarded keynote speaker and contributor, from conferences to advisory boards. In 2008, The Evening Standard named John among the ‘1000 Most Influential People’ in London, describing him as “a … Read more

“Witness to the Collapse” – An Interview with Francesco Bellina

Francesco Bellina is an artist and photojournalist based in Palermo, Sicily. His work focuses primarily on contemporary socio-political issues, with a particular emphasis on the topic of migration. He attended the Faculty of Law in Palermo while simultaneously dedicating himself to photography. His work has been published in The Financial Times, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, … Read more

“The Time Horizon of Sustainability” – An Interview with Pia Heidenmark Cook

Pia Heidenmark Cook is a Senior Advisor with Teneo, working with the ESG and Sustainability team to advise clients on how to develop and operationalise sustainability strategies and the implications for reputation strategies. Prior to Teneo, Pia was the Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA, where she led the development and implementation of the IKEA People … Read more

“Sustainability and Performance” – An Interview with Tensie Whelan, Director, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business

Tensie Whelan (NYU ‘80), Clinical Professor for Business and Society, is the Director of the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, where she is bringing her 25 years of experience working on local, national and international sustainability issues to engage businesses in proactive and innovative mainstreaming of sustainability. As the former President of the Rainforest Alliance, she transformed the … Read more

What is Ecological Economics? An Interview with Dr. Stanislav Edward Shmelev, Director, Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics

Dr. Stanislav Edward Shmelev is the founder and CEO of Environment Europe Foundation and Director of Environment Europe Limited. He is the founder of the Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics, which has been running since 2012. What is Ecological Economics?Ecological Economics is a new interdisciplinary field focused on economy-environment interactions and aimed at finding … Read more

Kevin Anderson’s Plea

 “Net Zero is Latin for Kick the Can down the road.” Climate scientist Kevin Anderson warns us about the delay tactics and obfuscation preventing us from addressing the planetary collapse ahead. He cautions against believing the political rhetoric about progress in the fight against climate change and calls on us to push for bold policy … Read more

Guidelines for Organizational Regeneration

Do you ask – what kind of organization have we become? And – what are we going to be in the future? Better even: what does the future require from us? Thinking this way is the first step to moving beyond business as usual. In our book Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World, … Read more

Guidelines for Community Regeneration

In our book Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World, we describe the various methods available for a community and community leaders to come together to help create value for the community – centered around the Common Good. To help practitioners put it all together, we created the Regeneration Exploration Guidelines for Communities … Read more

The Problem of Carbon Colonialism

Carbon colonialism is the unequal distribution of the burdens and benefits associated with addressing climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy. A parallel to historical colonialism, where power imbalances and exploitation were prevalent, carbon colonialism suggests that developed countries, primarily responsible for historical greenhouse gas emissions, continue to exercise economic and political dominance … Read more

The 5 Worlds of Regeneration

Regeneration operates at five levels of impact – the 5 nested worlds or lifespaces we live in: Total regeneration integrates all 5 worlds: It is the world of work and business that has dominated our economic and social lives – with the absurd measure of shareholder value-creation used as a yardstick for societal wellbeing.   Most of all, we must learn to view regeneration … Read more

Sustainability, Resilience, Regeneration – What’s the Difference?

Post COVID, there is a clear shift in how businesses and governments are looking at Sustainability. There’s an argument to made for Resilience. And that makes sense until we ask – wait, who is going to be more resilient? And where does that leave Regeneration? Let’s break it down: The Problem of Sustainability Sustainability is … Read more

22 Tests for Regeneration

This is a list from our book titled “Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World.” As we continue our exploration at the institute, and on this site, we will add to these tests. Using our definition of regeneration, we compiled this list. We called it The 22 Tests for Regeneration. What have we left … Read more

What is Regeneration?

Our book, “Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World,” is an exploration. We don’t have the answers, but we started with these questions – The etymology of the word regeneration is traced to the mid-14 century, regeneracioun, “act of regenerating or producing anew,” originally spiritual, also of the Resurrection, from Old French regeneracion (Modern French regénération) and directly from … Read more

Our Purpose

The Regeneration Journal is the official journal of the Regenerative Marketing Institute. The articles and interviews on this site begin where we left off with our book – “Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World.” We’ll explore the themes in the book in more detail, and then venture beyond – to add details … Read more