“Planetary Boundaries” – Kevin Anderson interviews Johan Rockström

At a certain point, this fight for the Planet becomes personal. ASK: Who or what is stopping us from addressing the most urgent challenges we face as a human family?

What’s in this interview?

00:03 Introductions
01:05 Outlining the planetary boundary & tipping points framework
05:14 How long before we see tipping points occurring?
10:00 Climate impacts this century
17:45 Understanding the conservatism of the IPCC process
24:20 Integrated Assessment Models: do they rely too much on CO2 removal?
28:58 Is the promise of future ‘carbon dioxide removal’ undermining emission reductions?
37:06 How ready to deploy are ‘negative emissions technologies’ really?
40:39 Where is equity in Integrated Assessment Models?
46:36 Privileged scientists in wealthy countries have framed the mitigation agenda
49:15 Is change driven top-down or bottom-up?
52:21 The role for citizens’ assemblies in guiding mitigation policy
56:39 Is academia biased towards the status quo, rather than real action on climate?

Now, what are we going to do?