The Regeneration Journal is a publication from the Regenerative Marketing Institute, founded by Philip Kotler, Christian Sarkar, and Enrico Foglia. It is a continuation of our work presented in the book REGENERATION: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World IDEA BITE PRESS (May, 2023).

Part of our thinking was derived from Palermo Rigenerativa, a regeneration research project in Palermo, Sicily. The rest is based on our ongoing work on wicked problems, the $300 House project, the FIX Capitalism challenge, and our previous work on Brand Activism and advancing the Common Good.

Our editorial policies are simple: we promote regeneration – next (and best) practices.

Through our collaborative efforts, research initiatives, practical frameworks, and community-building activities, the Regenerative Marketing Institute is committed to empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to embrace and champion regenerative approaches that drive positive change for the Common Good.

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Contact us: info (at) regenerationjournal.org