Our Purpose

The Regeneration Journal is the official journal of the Regenerative Marketing Institute.

The articles and interviews on this site begin where we left off with our book – “Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World.” We’ll explore the themes in the book in more detail, and then venture beyond – to add details and viewpoints on the concept and practice of regeneration.

The Regenerative Marketing Institute is a newly formed platform that brings together a diverse group of community leaders, business executives, non-profit and institutional experts, as well as marketing thought-leaders, professionals, and practitioners. Our mission is to drive the regeneration of the Common Good by promoting and advancing regenerative practices across various sectors.

Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to foster a deep understanding of emerging practices in regeneration and explore their potential impact. Our institute serves as a hub for research, facilitating the establishment of a comprehensive research agenda that aims to uncover innovative approaches and promote regenerative thinking.

One of our key objectives is to develop a practical, actionable framework for regeneration that can be adopted and implemented by communities and institutions alike. We understand the importance of learning from those who have already embarked on regenerative journeys, which is why we conduct interviews with regenerative marketing leaders to gain insights into their challenges and successes.

In addition, we delve into the specific factors that contribute to the effectiveness of regeneration strategies and their execution. By examining these factors, we develop valuable recommendations for organizations seeking to initiate and sustain a regenerative shift within their own operations.

To facilitate knowledge sharing and learning, we host events (see Common Home) and open discussions to highlight the lessons learned from real-world experiences in the field of regeneration. We also analyze and comment on news and developments related to regeneration, keeping our community informed and engaged.

Recognizing the need for accountability and measurement, we endeavor to create a robust framework for assessing regeneration performance criteria. This framework will serve as a guide for organizations to track and evaluate their progress in achieving regenerative outcomes.

Lastly, we strive to build a global community of regenerative professionals, nurturing connections, collaborations, and shared learning opportunities. By uniting like-minded individuals and organizations worldwide, we aim to accelerate the adoption and impact of regenerative practices on a global scale.

Join us. The future depends on you.