Guidelines for Organizational Regeneration

Do you ask – what kind of organization have we become? And – what are we going to be in the future? Better even: what does the future require from us?

Thinking this way is the first step to moving beyond business as usual. In our book Regeneration: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World, we describe a systematic approach to bring your team leaders together to help make the shift to regeneration – centered around the Common Good.

We also created a one-pager – the Regeneration Exploration Guidelines for Organizations – via the Regenerative Marketing Institute:

Let’s go through the process:

1. What is our vision for regeneration? Everything begins with our shared understanding – the language we use to communicate with each other and the public. What is “zero-distance to reality“? What do we say regeneration is? What do others say it is? Remember, regeneration begins with the regeneration of the Common Good. Take time to understand the dimensions of regeneration.

2. What is the right structure for the organization? The structure of our organization may be obsolete. What other organizational structures might be more regenerative, and create value for the community, not just for the business?

3. What product and services do we terminate? If we are serious about regeneration, we must abandon product and services which are degenerative and harmful to the Common Good. How? What’s our schedule?

4. How do we design regenerative products and services? How do we create products and services which embed regeneration into their very existence?

5. How do we support community regeneration across our value chain? Instead of simply monitoring your carbon-footprint across your supply chain, organizations will have to positively impact all dimensions of the Common Good.

6. How do we measure regenerative impact? We don’t measure our regenerative impact – because it’s not considered important. But the community does.

7. How do we create community value? A large section of the book is devoted the various approaches to local value creation. Your organization should understand which approach or approaches has the best likelihood of success.

8. What is regenerative innovation? Initially begun as a discussion with Anthony Ulwick, the job-to-be-done is the regeneration of the Common Good. But how?

9. How do we design a regenerative business model? We developed a tool which helped us map out how the regenerative businesses in the city of Palermo create value for the local community. This “double loop” business model canvas can be used by any organization to improve and accelerate their path to regeneration.

10. Does our organization promote regenerative leaders? At the root of our disconnect with reality is the ego-driven decision-making by our leaders. What will it take to change our affinity for “strongmen” leaders?

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