To Overcome Resistance To Change, You Need A Strategy, Not A Slogan

BY GREG SATELL When we’re passionate about an idea, we want others to see it the same way we do, with all its beautiful complexity and nuance. We want to believe that if others can just understand it, they will embrace it. That’s why most change management practices focus on persuasion, explaining the need for change and … Read more

Climate Deniers Should Not Assume They Will Never Face Justice

BY STEVEN DAY If you’re a reasonably young person who is opposing measures to address climate change for reasons of financial or political gain, be afraid. Be very afraid. Largely out of public view, there is a growing advocacy for treating certain forms of climate change denial as a crime. The political will to do this doesn’t exist … Read more

What is a flash drought? An earth scientist explains

One explanation for the fires in Hawaii is the “flash drought.” We wanted to understand what that means, so we republished this article with permission. BY Antonia Hadjimichael, Penn State Many people are familiar with flash floods – torrents that develop quickly after heavy rainfall. But there’s also such a thing as a flash drought, … Read more